We still aren't sure whether it will have a downsized bi/tri turbo V6 when the next generation of the high performance 3-series officially debuts, but as this video indicates—equipped with a V8 or not—the F80 M3 will still be quite fast.

According to GTspirit.com, this prototype was spotted on the German Autobahn in the vicinity of Braunschweig. Although this video was shot from the interior of a tuned BMW 1M with more than 420 horsepower, it certainly looks to us like keeping up with the new M3 at triple digit speeds was no small task.

The F80 M3 is expected to hit showrooms in the summer of 2013 as a 2014 model. Even if the engine is "downsized" we feel pretty safe guessing it will be more powerful than the 420 horsepower the current high revving V8 has to offer.


Sure the idea of a non inline six cylinder engine is a little weird, especially to vintage BMW lovers like ourselves. However, if the F80 M3 is truly a more powerful and improved version of the already excellent current model we're guessing one turn behind the wheel is all it will take to make our nostalgic reservations a thing of the past.