BMW Is Tripling Carbon Fiber Production For The Next 7 Series

The factory BMW uses to supply carbon fiber for the i3 and i8 just got a $200 million infusion to triple its capacity. Norbert Reithofer says the next 7 Series will set an "example in terms of weight reduction." Coincidence?

The 7 Series is on the cusp of ending its production run and we should see the next generation of BMW's barge later this year. With that in mind, Auto Motor und Sport got some one-on-one time with BMW's CEO and Chairman and asked what future models will benefit from the carbon fiber tech underpinning the i brand.


"We will use an intelligent composite construction in the 7 Series," Reithofer says (through the Google-bot). "In this case also carbon is used."

That quote comes hot on the heels of the announcement that BMW and its partners at SGL Group will sink another $200m into its Moses Lake, WA plant to triple its capacity. That would net 9,000 tons of carbon fiber, making it the world's largest producer of everyone's favorite weave by 2015, and plenty of time to bring the Vision Future Luxury Concept (aka the new 7) to market.

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