BMW Crashes Into Fatburger, Injuring Four Cops In... Canada?

Four police officers are recovering from assorted injuries when the Fatburger restaurant they were dining in received an unexpected visit from an errant BMW in... uh, Vancouver? Wow, okay. Vancouver.

Please forgive the incredulous surprise on my part. See, everything about this story — shitty driving, BMW, Fatburger — screams "America" to me. Specifically, "Florida." Right?


But no. This one wasn't on us. It was all on our supposedly more mellow neighbor to the north. How about that?

Anyway, Canada's National Post reports that the BMW 3-Series convertible crashed into the diner on Sunday evening, hitting the four officers and inflicting non-life threatening injuries. The driver, a 30-year-old woman, was not injured. Police said they will look into whether the driver might have been distracted by a cellphone or had a medical condition.

Glad to see you're getting in on ridiculous fast food-related car mayhem too, Canada. Stay classy up there.

Hat tip to Lionel!

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