Bluetooth Handsfree Visor Car Kit Has Caller ID

This post is dedicated to the residents of the second best state in the continental United States: California. You folks only have a little over a month left until the handsfree type of devices are required by law so we're here to help you get ready for that with some viable options for continued chatter. One option is this Bluetooth handsfree visor car kit. This device clips to the visor and acts as a speakerphone and microphone all rolled into one. What makes it stand out from the usual lot of Bluetooth handsfree speakerphones is the inclusion of an LCD screen to act as a caller ID. That way you can avoid those calls from your boss while driving. For those non-Californians, you can still enjoy this device as well. Hell, there's a chance that a handsfree-law is already in place for your state. This portable handsfree Bluetooth kit is available for $100. Or save the $100 and don't talk on the phone while driving. [Product Page via CG]


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