Blip: Where's The Bean?

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Photo: Ford

Here you go: two of the three main things known as “Pinto.” All in a glorious sea of earthtones. For some reason, it seemed a good day to blip about one of America’s most shameful cars, but in a happier way.

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The Old Man from Scene 24

Everyone loves to hate on the Pinto, but what a lot of people forget (or weren’t even alive in the ‘70s to appreciate) is how insanely popular it was - Ford sold something like 3.5 Million Pintos and Bobcats in 10 years.

And despite their (many) flaws, they were reliable and economical for the most part. On the whole, the Pinto was a very successful product.

That being said.... the two-door sedan pictured in the article has got to be one of the most useless vehicles ever in terms of space. I remember trying to cram a couple of dufflebags into a friend’s Pinto for a weekend at the shore and finally throwing the larger one in the back seat.

The hatchback was a much better option.