Blip: What Band Would Have This As An Album Cover?

Illustration for article titled Blip: What Band Would Have This As An Album Cover?
Image: Ford of Britain

Sometimes old car ads, like this one for a British Ford Zodiac, transcend their original purpose and slip into something else. Like an album cover. This absolutely feels like an album cover for...some band. I’m thinking maybe Neutral Milk Hotel? What do you crazy kids think?

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Give Me Tacos or Give Me Death

Buncha fuckin’ hipsters.

I kind of wonder if that’s actually a band somewhere. Probably in Austin, I’d guess. Their fans called them BFH, all five of them. Bryson in accounting saw the one show the band actually played back in 2003 and it was simply amazing and he hasn’t shut up about it since. Too bad you missed it. You can’t even lie and say you were there, because the only people in attendance were Bryson, his girlfriend Margo and their weird french pal named Timothe.