Blip: Vanception

A GMC Camper Van
A GMC Camper Van
Photo: Jason Marker/RideApart

I’m a big fan of van art. There’s nothing like expressing yourself on the side of your transportation/camper/semi-permanent home. So when Jason Marker, Editor-in-Chief over at, saw this van in a mechanic’s lot in Ferndale, MI, he knew exactly who to send it to (me). That is a GMC camper van, I think it’s a 1976 GMC Eleganza, but I could be wrong. Feel free to yell at me in the comments!


It’s a cute little camper, whatever it is, but it’s really the art that grabbed mine and Jason’s attention. Is image of the van itself, on the van? Computer, Enhance:

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Photo: Jason Marker/RideApart

Oh hell yeah. When you have a van this awesome, there’s no need to dress it up with wizards or dragons or the demented airbrushed dreams of a Russian truck owner. Just be yourself, on top of yourself, living your best van life. I am disappointed that there isn’t a smaller van painted on the side of the painted van, however. But then you’d have to paint an even smaller van, and then an even smaller one, into infinity.



This is an Urban Assault Vehicle!