Blip: RIP Pierre Cardin

Screenshot: Cardin Javelin/AMC

Fashion legend and a person very interested in making the people of the future actually dress like future-people, Pierre Cardin, died today, so it seems like we should show his best-known automotive contribution: the 1972 Cardin Edition AMC Javelin. It’s got one of the best interiors of any 70s car, period.


Cardin’s Javelin design treated the seats as one unit, with a stripe design that crossed both seats and continued into the headliner and door cards, too:

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Screenshot: Cardin Javelin/AMC

It’s undeniably cool. Cardin was a big fan of space-age designs, even designing a space suit for NASA.

Rest in peace, Pierre.

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There was also the Sbarro Stash Cardin :

Pierre Cardin and the Sbarro Stash

In 1975, the famous couturier Pierre Cardin has proposed its version of the Stash at the Salon de Paris. The changes on this model are mainly the interior (outside only the signature “Pierre Cardin” appears on the side in a blue banner). The dashboard is now rubber lamellaire painted, seats and carpets are decorated with stripes. VW mechanics is unchanged. The Stash Cardin is a version for finishing different, more luxurious. But Pierre Cardin suggested that he had participated in the design of the car, not just remodeled the interior. Franco Sbarro didn’t appreciate the couturier’s method! Nevertheless, the Stash and Cardin are associated for many.

The Simca 1100 Cardin (a photo album here) :

We can see it very briefly on this video :