Blip: Pontiac Pondering

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Illustration: Pontiac

A few things about this 1967 Pontiac Grand Prix ad: first, that car is huge. It’s also pretty great looking; I really like those louvers up front—are the indicators hidden behind those? This brochure is also comically pretentious, referring to the base engine as “standard motivation.” Is that a shadow on the hood or a stripe kit? I’d like a bold asymmetrical stripe kit like that. And doesn’t that restaurant or whatever in the background kinda remind you of the Blue Bayou place at Disneyland?

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Speak of the Deville

For me, ‘67 is hands down the best year of the 60's and 70's for design. I don’t know what it is, but almost every design from every manufacturer was on point. The cars, the trucks, all of it. From the Coupe De’Ville to the P1800. From the C10/F100 to the E Type.