Blip: Pao Progress

All the parts are finally here, and the Pao is coming back together!

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Image for article titled Blip: Pao Progress
Photo: Jason Torchinsky

For today’s Blip, I figured I may as well give a progress report on the Pao, which had its face based in by a deer. I’m happy to say it’s coming along well, if slowly, but that’s okay as it’s given me some time to really get to know the Yugo. I checked in on it today, and was happy to see progress!

The core support is all straight again, and the new hood is on! The hood was the hardest part to source, as it had to come from Japan, and the only way I could get it shipped was with a nearby North Carolina JDM reseller who hails from Japan and had contacts.

The hood was only $150! The shipping, though, was $600. The headlight and grille and other small bits I was able to get from the UK at much less onerous shipping rates.


I need to get an A/C condenser still, but I’m hoping that won’t be a big deal, as one from a K10 Micra should work. And I need to figure out what to replace the left foglamp with—I’m thinking of an asymmetric setup with one foglamp and one modern bright LED thing I can turn on and off independently so I can really, really see hiding, suicidal deer lurking along the sides of dark back roads.

I’ll keep you updated!