Blip: Oops, I Made A Mistake

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Photo: Quatro Rodas

So yesterday I did a little contest thing to identify air-cooled boxer engines, and I accidentally included one from this car, the Gurgel BR-800. While it was an 800cc boxer derived, basically, by splitting a Volkswagen air-cooled flat-four in half, I forgot that Gurgel decided to make it a liquid-cooled engine. So, I’m so very sorry.


I won’t count that against you if you didn’t get it in the contest! For everyone else, have a great weekend. I’m taking half of today off to take the kid camping, and I’m off Monday to take the kid to see cars over at Duncan Imports. Now you know my whole damn schedule!

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Oops I made a mistake

I got in your car

And drove it away

Ooh baby baby

Oops you think I’m air cooled

Don’t you be fooled

I’m not that primitive