Blip: Is That A Baby?

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Photo: AMC

It’s Tuesday, I’m getting this up a bit later than normal because I’ve been trying to get my kid to focus on his school’s video feed which is like trying to get a horse to do your taxes. I found this picture of an AMC Matador with a family, and while I think maybe the guy there is showing a new baby to the family? Maybe his family? Maybe he’s selling (possibly synthetic) babies from his Matador? It’s all a little confusing. What’s in the box? Why is this happening on the lawn? Should I call someone?

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My vote goes to Baby Salesman. You notice the “wife” did not just give birth so it’s not hers. She obviously has plenty of kids.... or they could be older models if the “wife” wanted an older kid instead of a baby.... oh, dear lord... maybe this is that child ring I hear all the dark webs talking about. Maybe it started in the 70's.....

A man goes around with different aged kids/babies and sells them off to the highest bidder. Maybe the stripped pants are code to how old they are or how much they are, like a bar code. This rabbit hole goes deep.....