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Blip: Happy Luv Day

It's Valentine's Day! So soak in this love-broadcast I'm sending out to you!

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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Photo: Chevrolet

Yes, happy St.Valentine’s Day Massacre anniversary, everyone. To commemorate this day, I’d like to remind everyone that Chevrolet once sold a re-badged Isuzu pickup truck and named it after the concept of love, only spelled like a toddler would: LUV.

I wrote about this truck and the peculiar name that would likely very much not fly on a modern truck a few years back, and reached out to Chevrolet themselves, where I got one of the strangest responses from a major automaker:

“I think you’re casting into a fishless pond with speculative product questions…”


What an oddly poetic way to tell a reporter to fuck off.