Blip: Good Enough

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Photo: Fiat

Welcome to your Tuesday! To inspire you, please enjoy this image of what may be the least amount of effort put into the illusion that a car is actually driving in a car brochure, in this case a 1968 Fiat 850 Sport. They told the people to look vaguely into the distance, they asked the lady to put her hand on the windshield, and kinda blurred out the spot where the tires meet whatever that sorta guacamole-green surface is, and called it a day. Good job.

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If that actually was Dick Van Dyke in that Fiat, wouldn’t he be getting gauc on his tuckus?

Actually, given the rust proofing of this vehicle, this is likely because of acidity level of the guac.

Admittedly, if there was any human flexible enough to put his face centered on the windshield of a 68 Fiat 850 when you are 6'1", it would be 1968 era Dick Van Dyke.