Blip: Contrasts In Green

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Illustration: Ford

Morning, pals! How was everyone’s night? Grueling and indecisive? Just a guess. Speaking of deep-seated divisions, I just wanted to show you this wonderful 1967 Ford Thunderbird brochure, which has, I think, the biggest dichotomy between the styling of a car and the typographic and illustrative style used. That eyeless T-Bird there is one of the most menacing-looking versions of the car, and likely not something I’d think to pair with what looks like an Art Nouveau bride and loopy calligraphic script. But, you know, I don’t sell cars.

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I like the front end a lot, like a lot a lot, but then the back end goes into the 70's styling and the vibe kinda falls apart when you get to the rear roof pillars. If it had a different roofline...

As for the election, I think it’s too close to call but it’s clear polls’ predicted 8 lead is BS. One thing to think about, though, is that America is obviously still divided. If anything, this has only broken open a scab many hoped would be healed by the catharsis of ejecting Trump from office. The most important take-away, regardless of partisan selection, is that BOTH sides seem to forget that the other 50% of Americans exist. Mid-Western voters clearly still feel that the Democratic party has forgotten them, apparently they’re still hurting from 2008 and feeling like the rest of the country has moved-on from them. Joe Biden did a better job of addressing this, an issue that many on the left seem to find worthless to waste effort on. In browsing the news last night, I came across this comment below a Washington Post article:

That’s not to say that Republicans don’t forget the other half exists as well, clearly they do, the question is whether we can find a way to break away from the dichotomy of us-vs-them that has become increasingly cemented in politics since the early 1900s.

Sorry for interrupting your nice car post with politics, Jason, there’s my political rant for the day.. didn’t really know where else to put it...