Blackhawks Captain Jonathan Toews Crashes His $120K Mercedes

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Jonathan Toews, captain of the Chicago Blackhawks, crashed his 2009 Mercedes CL63 AMG into one of the supports for the Chicago L train yesterday morning and, though he had a concussion the day before, he and his team claim that he is fine.


Though the car is not in good shape, Toews texted the Chicago Tribune, "It's nothing serious at all, I'm good."

He wasn't scheduled to play last night's game in the first place, due to an "upper-body injury," so we don't know if he would have been taken out of play thanks to this crash. We also don't know if Toews was drunk, as the Chicago Sun Times reports the police never administered a field sobriety test.


In a showing of compassion and understanding, passers-by flocked the ambulance to ask for autographs as Toews was being taken away.

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Toews a shot - OFF THE POST OH MY