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Black Iron Racing Wins Saturday 7-Hour Enduro at ChumpCar

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

In an epic battle till the end with 34 seconds between the first and second place teams, Black Iron Racing bested Krider Racing-Big Sausage Pizza Delivery for the win at ChumpCar.


Krider Racing led most of the day and had a serious three lap lead with less than thirty minutes to go in the race when... Honda gremlins had their laugh for the day! A fuel pick up problem or an electrical problem (the team is still under the hood, heads down/butts up in the air, trying to figure it out) caused them to need to pit for fuel and/or repairs. Black Iron slipped by while Krider was in the pits and took the win. Congrats to Black Iron! Krider Racing had to settle for a tough second place.

The final podium spot went to the quick four door BMW of Priapism Racing.

The insanity starts all over again tomorrow morning with a new ChumpCar 7-hour enduro at Auto Club Speedway in Fontana. We'll see if those Honda Gremlins can be exterminated or if they will raise they're ugly little heads again.