Bird Tries to Catch a United Flight to Newark, Has Very Chill Time

Screenshot: @jasreen_kg (Twitter)

Passengers on a United Airlines flight from San Francisco to Newark were greeted on Friday by a very happy bird that tried to hitch a ride on the cross-country jaunt, according to multiple reports.


NBC New York reports an avian stowaway flapped around as passengers filed in during the boarding process.

A passenger shot video on United Flight 1796 from San Francisco as the bird did a length of the plane while it was sitting on the runway. About 15 passengers who boarded early were already on the plane, the witness said.


A passenger told the news station that the flight was delayed for a “maintenance issue.” More like a chill bird who was just stoked to go on a cross-country flight.

“The flight crew caught the bird with a hat and then proceeded to let the rest of the passengers board,” NBC New York’s witness said.

More from the news outlet:

United Airlines said the bird appeared to have flown on board from outside.

“Our employees safely removed the little bird who apparently wanted to check out our big metal bird in San Francisco,” a spokesperson said.


Ha ha. Maybe he did. Hopefully the bird wasn’t too bummed after being released.

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If the bird flies 20mph and the plane is going 500mph, if the bird is flying in the plane, is it flying at 520mph? I was ready to blow by this with a simple answer but I can’t.

Please help, I got stuff to do today and need to get this out of my head.