Bill Burr is a comedian who’s just getting into Formula One now, which is good for us because it means someone with the capability of actually being entertaining gets to explain F1 for once. And with the Chinese Grand Prix coming up this weekend, this is the best recap you’re going to get.


So much is different this year, with the bigger tires and wings providing massive amounts of grip. On one turn, drivers actually managed to pull a ridiculous, fighter-jet-like 6.5g through the bend. Just imagine what that’s like for your neck. It’s like having a third grader for a head.

But better yet, the sheer dominance of Mercedes has come to a close, with Sebastian Vettel winning the first race in actually exciting fashion (spoiler alert, oops, sorry).


China’s this weekend, and with everyone making advances every day it could be anyone’s race.

Okay, not Honda’s race.


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