Beyond HondaDome: Five Thousand Men Enter, Eighteen Men Leave!

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The sad fact of the current state of our manufacturing industry is the traditional US automakers just aren't hiring anyone these days. In fact, they're kicking 'em out the door as fast as it'll swing open. But hey, those new guys in town — automakers like the super number one awesome best automaker from the land of the rising sun and HoMoCo are hiring people — so that's like a net increase, right? Wrong. A new Honda plant in Indiana was inundated with over 5,000 applications for the new positions they're currently hiring for. That's not so many for a plant that'll eventually hire 2,000 when it ramps up late in 2008, right? Wrong. Those 5,000 applications were for 18 advertised positions. That's right, so if you multiply that...

...out to determine how many folks could potentially apply for the entire universe of the plant's 2,000 jobs — you get somewhere over 550,000 potential applicants. That sounds about like the number I've heard that have lost jobs in the US manufacturing sector over the past five years. Hmm, I just hope they've got enough magazines in the waiting room.


5,000 applications for 18 Honda jobs [AP via Detroit News]

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