Between The Lines: USA Today's Love Hate Affair with the Dodge Ram Mega Cab

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Normally, we read James Healey's car reviews in USA Today to watch him struggle to take a crap car out for a positive spin. This time out, it's the other way 'round: Healey is trying to hate a vehicle he loves. It's all about the anti-gas guzzler temper of our times, and the fact that the new Dodge Ram Mega Cab is just too big and thirsty for a politically sensitive journo to admire. After spending two paragraphs alienating civilians with model designations and sizes, Healey gets down to the business of bashing.

"Ungarageable" is the obfuscatory industry designation. Meaning it's too big for the regular Joe and Jane who might otherwise be delighted to hear there's finally a commodious Ram crew.


We'd like to point out that the words "obfuscatory" and "commodious" are also too big for the average Joe and Jane, but we're too busy wondering why James concluded by calling the Mega Cab "cumbersome" (we wore one of those to our prom) when his blurbettes say it's quiet, comfortable, agile and classy. And what's all this about 8.4 mpg and a faulty mileage computer? Surely, there's a story in there somewhere...

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