Bet On It: Spring Forward To $3 Gas For Summer Driving Season?

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According to AAA Michigan, the average price for a gallon of regular gas in Metro Detroit reached $2.28, that's up $0.38 from a month earlier and it's the highest average price they've seen at the pump since December 4th. Statewide, the price has bumped up to around $2.30 a gallon. That means prices are more than a dime higher than at the same time last year, and it means we'll more than likely be seeing three-buck-a-gallon gas this summer — for the third year in a row. Yay, warm weather and higher gas prices!


Is $3 gas on the way? [Detroit News]

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iamjames - if you want 12 cent/gallon gasoline, then please feel free to contact me, and I'll get you a one-way ticket to the controlled economy, socialist Venezuela.

I, for one, like that our government sucks enough to allow free market demand to set pricing. If you don't like fuel prices, don't drive. If you can get enough people to agree to walk with you, fuel prices will go down due to lack of demand. See, that's how it works when the sucky government keeps its cotton-pickin' fingers out of the pie.

When the government tries to control the economy and fix prices, you end up with socialism, or worse, communism. Both of which sound great on paper and neither works in practice. (See: dissolusion of communist USSR, 1989, as one example.)