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Bentley's Latest Fragrance Is An Infinite Rush To San Diego

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Bentley believes there are people out there who wish to go to London’s Harrods’ department store, only to spend $86 on the scent of the Bentley Bentayga. I’m confused.


If you spend $230,000 on an SUV, or even more on Bentley’s limo, it’s highly unlikely that your weapon of choice against the nostrils will be something as cheap as Bentley’s branded fragrance, which they describe as:


That just won’t cut it. You want exclusivity, and your personal Sex Panther will sure to come from a parfumier in France who’s assistant will only pick up the phone for fifty people in the world. You can always try harder, but it might work only sixty percent of the time.

Anyway, at this point, I’d like you all to read Bentley’s press release about their Infinite Rush, just to see what we have to put up with on a daily bases:

Just as the new Bentley Bentayga takes luxury to new heights, with no limits to its exceptional performance on and off the road, so Infinite Rush appeals to the man who enjoys sensational experiences. Calm and confident, he regularly explores new horizons, captivated by extreme scenarios such as driving the Bentayga through sand dunes in the desert, or jumping from a helicopter into the sea.

Always intent on getting the most out of life, going further while staying focused, he remains relaxed and ready for the next challenge. He cultivates curiosity, surprising himself and never choosing the easy option. The Infinite Rush fragrance has been created in his image, with a breathtaking, spicy freshness and a warm, woody base heralding the strong sensuality of this active modern man.

The Bentley Infinite Rush bottle: crackling effect supports the senses

Bentley Infinite Rush shares the same design language of shapes and curves as Bentley models. Both the cap and the bottle’s wide shoulders are adorned with silver metal. A sophisticated final touch is Bentley’s signature knurling on the base of the stopper.

Bentley Infinite Rush goes even further by completing its premium glass with a high-tech crackled effect, an innovation on a fragrance bottle.

A special layer of varnish is applied on top of a classic varnish, and retracts in a haphazard manner on contact and during firing. In this way, no two bottles are the same, with each sporting an individual mosaic.

This peeling paint effect symbolises untamed nature and the arid earth that the Infinite Rush adventurer will travel across on his exploits. These embossed effects produce an intense tactile sensation when held in the hand. Equally important thanks to the transparent glass, the eau de toilette can be viewed as if through the cracks of the parched ground.

Bentley’s legendary winged B is affixed to the centre of the bottle. An embossed metal plaque contributes to its luxurious feel. The box echoes the Bentley Infinite Rush bottle, with a band of knurling on the top and the winged initial B affixed to a two-tone box combining satin silver and a cracked motif.


Alright people.

Let’s go and see if we can make those little kitties purr!


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