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The only reason you’re picking a Bentley Bentayga over a Range Rover is to leave no question about your vast personal wealth, right? So to really stand out you plutocrats better hurry up and grab one of the 608 First Editions, featuring interior panels made from your grandma’s kitchen towels.

There will only be 608 produced in honor of the Bentayga’s 6.0 W12 metric horsepower rating of, you guessed it, 608.

First Editions get special 22” wheels, unique ambient lighting, little British flag badges on the fender and “Diamond within Diamond” quilting on a few prominent swaths of the inside. But call now and Bentley will throw in a Breitling watch! No, seriously. I mean you don’t have to call now, just before they run out of all 608 First Editions. After that you’ve gotta buy your own damn watch.


Bentley hasn’t posted the First Edition price yet, but if you have to ask, you know how it goes.

The SUV starts at about $230,000 and those watches are about ten grand a piece, so these 608 special cars might get close to a quarter million bucks.


It’s no EXP 9 F but it’s not a bad looking SUV.


Images via Bentley

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