Behold, Beautiful Brown Barn-Find Brougham Brings Big Burnouts

GIF via Robert White

Who needs a perfectly manicured front lawn when you have Oldsmobile’s finest full-size vehicle in shockingly good condition?

The Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight was among the classiest of land yachts, suitable for those who desired luxurious bells and whistles without the garish flashiness of a Cadillac badge.


Of course, all good boats-mobiles age over time, becoming less desirable to your grandmother and more coveted by wonderful hoons. This barn-find 1972 model packs a 455 Rocket V8 engine per Robert White’s description on YouTube, which lays down a marvelous burnout truly worthy of its own tribute song.

White also mentions that this car is now his daily driver. Now there’s a man who’s riding in style.

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