Beaucoup Belgium Booth Babes: The 2006 International Tuning Salon

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The 2006 International Tuning Salon just finished up over in Belgium and although we weren't there, the pictures and video we've seen indicate it was one hell of a party. Although the 330 custom cars and tuners are more than outmatched by the orgy of aftermarket product uses on display at SEMA, the copious flesh on display at the Nekkerhal Mechelen make the Las Vegas strippers booth babes look like a convent. Although we do have to say there may be a line they've crossed out in Belgium, because we've no idea what fire-breathing and panty-stripping lesbians have to do with cars — but whatevs, we'll roll with it. The gallery below and the video after the jump are definitely Not Safe For Work.

This image was lost some time after publication.

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