Are You A NOPI Chic? Dubspeed Driven's Choose Your Own Adventure Photo Galleries

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The NOPI Nationals are like a tuner porn-freak's dream come to life, and although we weren't able to make it down there a few weeks back, our wandering photographer Zerin's got all the goods. Heck, he's even provided us a NSFW gallery of our own to host over here of the bikini contest (every auto show should have one of these — just because). But let's lay down the ground rules on this SFW/NSFW adventure. There's three links below. In addition to the NSFW gallery we've got hosted ere, there are also two galleries below hosted on Zerin's site. One gallery is pictures of cars. The other gallery is not. One gallery is safe for work. The other is not. If you're at all confused, signal your flight attendant via the comments and she'll stop by and strangle you with her floss-like bikini.


[2006 NOPI Bikini Contest Gallery] (NSFW)

Bikini Contest Finals (NSFW) [Dubspeed Driven]

Car Show Photos [Dubspeed Driven]


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Al Navarro

The unenhanced one in the green bikini is tops, IMHO. And BTW, what is the deal with these sorts of things at "tuner" car shows and Max Power type mags? Last time I checked in any quality car magazine (no offense Max Power), the only models in the photographs had 4 wheels and not just 2 headlights.