Bears Have Figured Out How To Get In Trucks, Abandon All Hope

These past few years we, as a nation, have been lulled into a false sense of security, but this video will surely shock us back into action. I ask you, what is the number one threat to America? Bears.


Yes, that is a freaking bear opening the freaking door of a pickup truck. The bear in this video was easily chased away, but what about the next time it comes back? Will it be so easily shoo'd off? What if it learns how to hotwire that car? It's common knowledge bears know how to drive.


We are no longer safe. It is only a matter of time before bears start opening car doors, then regular doors, then get access to our tasty, sweet insides.

Local British Columbia conservation officer Denny Chretien told CBC News that the three-year-old bear's break-in is "not a common behaviour but it is occurring." Four "bearjackings" have been reported in the area, and one was a Porsche.

Door-opening bears appear to only be in Canada for the moment. Hopefully they will just eat up all of our neighbors to the North, get tired, and then hibernate forever.

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Der Sportwagoner

Bears from Canadia are so polite, eh? In America they just fold your door in half and climb in.

"Why no, Officer, this door was like that when I found it."