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Be Careful Of Wheelchair-Bound Hitchhikers When Driving Your Semi In Paw Paw

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

I'll be traveling through the lovely little southwestern Michigan town of Paw Paw on Saturday, and you can bet I'll be happy I won't be driving a semi-truck. We've heard the town's home to a roving gang of wheelchair-rolling hitchhikers employing a unique brand of thumbing it. They'll just roll right out in front of semi trucks and hitch themselves a push-start ride strapped onto the grille. That's what a 21-year-old wheelchair-bound resident of the double baby bear hand-named town did yesterday afternoon. The man became lodged in a semi truck grille after rolling in front of a truck leaving a gas station. The truck driver, not noticing the man lodged in front of his cab, proceeded to hit the highway for about five miles before police, alerted to the scofflaw, pointed it out to the truck driver. The unharmed man was taken to the hospital for a check-up, and then we're assuming right to jail. Didn't he know hitchhiking is illegal in Michigan? Wait, what's that you say — he didn't mean to be taken for a semi-ride?!? Oh man, then that's just terrible.

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