Best. Wheelchair. Ever.

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Wow. Holy Crap. What can we say about the TankChair that isn't obvious from the picture? Well, um, it's made for people that actually need a wheelchair. And it wasn't created from some Terminator-esque apocalypse where people with disabilities take over on Judgement Day. Still, we'd like to think the TankChair's been sent back from the future to save all of mankind from a more advanced, evil TankChair. On the TankChair website...

...they have videos of the TankChair in action. There's also the story of the TankChair's inventor, who was inspired when his wife couldn't enjoy nature with the rest of the family. Truly a heartwarming story. Not that it matters. We'd want a TankChair if it required a constant supply of fresh kittens to keep running.

Welcome to TankChair []

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