Photo credit: Larry Chen/Hoonigan

What do you do with a set of identical Can-Am Maverick X3s lent to you for obvious marketing purposes? Race them, duh. Team Hoonigan whipped out their best sideways dirty antics by pitting Ken Block’s team up against BJ Baldwin’s in their ultimate Battle Broyale through an abandoned desert neighborhood.

The first battle takes place in what appears to be an abandoned housing complex that was left to rot and accumulate Team Hoonigan in-jokes in the desert.


Round two just tears through the desert because, well, why not? Just don’t get caught in the wake of dust behind your nemesis.

Photo credit: Larry Chen/Hoonigan

Best of all, they opt to host the tie-breaker on a golf course. Who hasn’t wanted to break off in a golf cart mid-game to see what it will do? It has paths! Gentle rolling greens with little hills to jump off of! The golf course is basically begging you to hoon on it.

My goodness, I would do awesome, dastardly deeds to have an abandoned neighborhood all to myself with a go-anywhere, hoon-over-anything off-roader.

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