Batman Drives A Rocket-Powered Chrysler In The Dark Knight Rises?

The latest commercial for the Chrysler 300S shows a concept version of it being build by the nice folks at Wayne Industries under the tagline "Imported From Gotham City" with the license plate DK300S — as in the Dark Knight from The Dark Knight Rises. Is the Batman downsizing his fleet?


Maybe. But there's nothing wrong with a 300S. We like the idea of the not-American Batman driving an American car. And Matte Grey? Awesome. It's just a strange departure for the extremely wealthy Bruce Wayne. Maybe single-handedly saving a city from a series of lunatic masterminds is hitting his pocketbook kind of hard.


It's still a bad economy and it can't be cheap to upgrade a fire-prone Italian exotic with rocket power and missiles.

Have no fear Lamborghini fans, the Batman Lamborghini is still in the picture according to the latest trailer. The only difference is Cat Woman is now driving it.

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So the new Chrysler commercial will be a Batman movie?

Or is it the new Batman movie will be a Chrysler commercial?