Dunna-Nunna-Nunna-Nunna Lambo! LP640 In Next Batman Film

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The Lamborghini Murcielago was named for a bull named for a bat. Bruce Wayne, well, he dresses in a bat-themed costume and calls himself "The Bat-Man." Apparently, Lambo honcho (and dapper man) Stephan Winkelmann felt that the synergy was a fine, fine fit, noting that the company only allows its vehicles to be used in films it likes. The flick, tentatively titled The Dark Knight, drops in '08. No word as to whether the Austin, Texas Ice Bats will be making a cameo.


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But this is so much more appropriate. Batman would never drive something as un-utilitarian as the drop top Murci. If bad guys rolled up and it was raining he'd be shot 6 times by the time he got the roof on. And I'm talking black powder musket shots, not that fancy pants autoloader stuff.