Barrett-Jackon To Auction Geo Metro

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The Barrett-Jackson auctions are typically filled with expensive classic cars and other exotics, so why are they auctioning off a Geo Metro of all things?


The one-off 1989 "Zonker" 2-door Geo Metro was apparently a personal project car for ex-GM Design VP, Chuck Jordan. Created as a styling exercise and painted in p***y magnet yellow, this hot little number will be auctioned off at the Barrett-Jackson auction on January 13th along with the rest of the GM Heritage Center cars. We'll likely pass up the ZR1 rolling chassis for this little number.
(Hat Tip To Matthew!)


[via Barrett-Jackson]

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THIS is a styling exercise? For real? I see what might be interesting seats, but the exterior looks worse than most of the Metros I see still running around. My neighbor has a Metro that looks more sporty than this. Well, had, he sold it during the $4 / gallon Metro craze.

I do think the wheels look very tasteful for a car of this size, and given a drop of an inch or two, the car might have a somewhat sporty stance. But as it is, meh.

An interesting slice of history, in as much as one of the non-bloody locks of Lincoln's hair taken after the assassination is interesting. Somebody out there will be morbid enough to think it's worth paying to see / own, and it'll probably end up in a museum somewhere, alongside other cars that were once ordinary but are now worth paying to see. And it'll probably sit there until it is worth paying to see, probably as an example of the dark days of automotive design when boxy was out and variations of the jelly-bean theme flooded our highways.