Hayabusa-Powered Geo Metro To Take On LeMons, Sneers At Ghettocharged Miata

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Did you think that the Ghettocharged FrankenMiata, Faster Farms Chickenmobile, pair of X1/9s, and other awesomeness meant that the upcoming 24 Hours Of LeMons Arse-Freeze-A-Palooza couldn't possibly get any better? Wrong! We've just received a few photos of the Team Metro-Gnome Geo Metro, which is powered by- hallelujah!- a Hayabusa CBR900RR engine! It's a front-wheel-drive setup, chain-driving the original Suzuki transaxle differential… and, yes, that is a toilet plunger being used as a grease seal. Make the jump to get the story from team member Alex.


OK, I'll bite. What nerdy-car-geek-blog wants to feature a $500 Franken-crapper like our car? Here is are picture of the car in action during a recent test day at Willow Springs. Trust me, the car looks a lot worse in person. Driver is Geo Metro-Gnome team member Colin Drobnis. He looks a lot better in person. Second pic is of the engine "installation". Last pic is of the stock metro differential with "kustom" sprocket attached (chain removed). Diff gears are lubed by generous amounts of grease. Said grease is contained by a "kustom" rubber boot made from a toilet plunger. So far so good...