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How I Met Your Mother has been on for so long that it's sort of easy to forget Neil Patrick Harris isn't the different-girl-every-night, theory-for-every-situation guy in real life. Probably. Or the drug-addicted, sociopath of a former child actor from the Harold and Kumar movies. Probably.


No, NPH is just a normal awesome bro living in LA with two toddlers and a husband and just happens to host awards shows and win Emmys. Typical stuff. To further prove his normalcy, he's also in the market for a minivan, and he took to Twitter Thursday for some advice:


Well, what do we think? It has to be the 2014 Honda Odyssey with the delightfully named HondaVAC in the back. Aside from the Toyota Sienna having one of the most plasticky interiors on the market and being offered in the try-too-hard SE sport trim, the Odyssey is nicer inside and has a vacuum cleaner. HondaHigh-five! Nice!

It surprises me that any Hollywood type, whom the paparazzi probably hounds, would even consider buying a minivan over a seven-seat SUV like the ubiquitous Audi Q7, so I really commend NPH for putting practicality over styling. Still, there's only so much you can do with a minivan. Add a turbo, bro. That might help.

Help NPH out. What minivan should he buy for his family? Or is there a car out there that better suits his needs?

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