The 2014 Honda Odyssey Is The Exact Same Minivan But With A Vacuum Cleaner

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Children! They're the worst thing ever, those filthy little beasts. They're like tiny little magnets for dirt and grime who want nothing more than to ruin your car seats with their melted crayons and juice boxes. But now the geniuses at Honda have a solution for the next time one of your screaming mouth-breather bastards decides to get cookies all over the place: a built-in vacuum cleaner!

Yes, the next Honda Odyssey will be the same car as the current one, but with a built in Shop-Vac on the high end Touring Elite model. They call it the HondaVAC, because, you know, it's a vacuum in a Honda. And everything. It works off the engine and can even run on its own when the car is turned off for up to eight minutes!

Think of all the things you could vacuum in eight minutes!

Check out some of the photos below to see how amazing your life could be if you had an Odyssey with the HondaVAC. If this doesn't make you want to have kids, I don't know what will.


Photos credit Honda