Bar Refaeli Thinks Danica Patrick Would Make A Great Model

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USA Today's For The Win blog snuck in a tasty little nugget in their celebrity Final Four tie-in interview with Bar Refaeli: she thinks NASCAR driver Danica Patrick would, in fact, make a great model.

When asked, "What famous athletes would make a good model?" Refaeli replied, "Danica Patrick. I think she's amazing."


Refaeli costarred with Patrick in quite possibly the creepiest and most confusing GoDaddy ad to date (which is saying something) In that ad, Patrick merely narrated to the side while Refaeli demonstrated the "sexy side" of the hosting company (...which I'm 99.99999% sure isn't actually a real thing; it's web hosting, guys, not underwear).

Turns out, Refaeli thinks Patrick could've played the model herself.

Danica's mad skills at being a pretty lady for the cameras have served her well in NASCAR when it comes to gaining sponsors and a following, ultimately helping her claim a decently funded seat with Stewart-Haas Racing in one of the best cars on the track.


Should Stewart-Haas not renew her contract this year, Patrick could always fall back on being gorgeous for a living full-time. Something tells me she'd still rather be racing, though. Y'know, comments from Danica like "I don't look at myself as being any different. I'm just a race car driver like they are." Yeah, that.


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They did ask "What famous athlete" not "what famous race car driver." I would venture to guess that Bar Rafael (WTF is she?) couldn't even name any other female athletes (Maria Sharipova,anyone?). Certainly Danica would be up there, but IIRC, SI has a whole issue of "beautiful athletes" (male and female) every year.