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I bought an old lifted VW Beetle two years ago because it was cheap. Cheap to buy and cheap to own. As it turns out, Baja Bugs are still crazy affordable.

I hopped over onto the air-cooled center of the Internet, The Samba, and within about twenty seconds I found this listing right here from sunny Barstow, California.


The ad reads, "1965 VW Baja Bug. Runs good. 1835cc engine. Swing axle rear, king pin front, center line wheels, KC lights."

That's like my car, only with less rust and more engine.

The price is thoroughly absurd.

If you ever have the hankering for something ultra easy to work on, or something that looks like nothing else on the road, or something that's just hilarious to drive for not a lot of money, go look for a Baja Bug. It's hard to think of an easier car to run, particularly when you think of how easy it is to get parts for them even after all these decades.

That and they're still remarkably cheap.

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