Bad News For F1 Rejects: Formula E Might Get Its Own Feeder Series

Insert eeriy quiet whirring here. Screencap via Punch Powertrain NV
Insert eeriy quiet whirring here. Screencap via Punch Powertrain NV

For the longest time, the all-electric Formula E has been notorious for being the series of That Guy You Wish Had Stayed In Formula One. Now they may be getting some homebrew talent of their own thanks to an electric car nicknamed Formulino E, reports Electric Autosport. The new Formulino E car would be used for a feeder series that would bring talent into Formula E.

The Formulino E car is based on the Dallara F007 Formula 3 open-wheel feeder series car, except it packs a 15 kWh battery pack. The EP2-R by Punch Powertrain is good for 163 hp (or 120 kW) in a car that only weighs 1,323 lbs. It goes from 0-62 mph in only four seconds and reaches a top speed of over 124 mph.


Batteries lie behind the driver where the engine would usually sit in a Formula 3 racer. The batteries last about 20 minutes before needing a recharge. Electric Autosport reports that the battery pack can not only be swapped, but also upgraded to a 272 hp (or 200 kW) unit if so desired. That 272 hp unit would make it roughly equivalent in performance to a full-on Formula E car. Not even Formula E has battery-swapping yet.

The Formulino E car is expected to cost $85,900, per Autoblog, and production should start with 20 cars and go from there.

Either way, the idea of a Formula E feeder series is very good news if you’re not one of the countless F1 mid-fielders and backmarkers who usually join Formula E’s ranks. If we displace them from their natural post-F1 habitat, where will they go?

We can’t have wild Kevin Magnussens and Daniil Kvyats running in the streets with nowhere to race. Won’t somebody please think of them?

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I’m waiting for Tesla and/or Faraway Future/Le Eco to start sponsoring teams in Formula E. Of course, the companies would have to make net profits first, but whatever. These are electric car companies; ancient rules regarding companies making money before lavishly spending more money don’t apply to them.