Bad News Americans: The New Alpine A110 Is as Good To Drive as We All Feared

Screenshot: Harry’s Garage
Screenshot: Harry’s Garage

We always knew the Alpine A110 was an important car, bringing back one of the greatest names in the automotive world and also bringing back lightweight design to the new car market. What we didn’t know was if it was going to be good to drive.

As it turns out, yes, it is. YouTube’s good garage’d landowner Harry Metcalfe recently took one of the new sports cars out and found that, shit, this is actually great:

Most importantly, the car weighs significantly less than a new Porsche Cayman. A recent EVO Magazine test found the Alpine an amazing 782 pounds lighter than the Cayman it was also driving (2412 lbs vs 3194).


The Alpine also doesn’t suffer from the Cayman’s excessively long gearing that makes the Porsche objectively fast, but difficult to enjoy without getting seriously illegal on the road.

And the car rides well and handles well and even gets good fuel economy. Ugh. I was kind of hoping that the Alpine A110 would be bad and I wouldn’t have to dream about it every waking moment of every day until it’s legal to import 25 years from now.

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.

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I just can’t warm up to it, visually. Probably just as well since I can’t buy it here and if I could I probably wouldn’t because it would have French build quality. Also it appears there is no manual gearbox option....