Back to Detroit: Deadspin Covers Super Bowl XL, Guerilla-Style

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Apparently, Detroit's become like a second home to us Gawker types over the last month or so. First it was our own misadventure in media, stumbling around downtown Detwa like we knew what we were doing during the North American International Autoshow, and now brothers-in-Gawk Deadspin have dispatched A.J. Daulerio to the Motor City to cover the Super Bowl. Without a media pass. Or even tickets. But he is armed with a video camera and his not-inconsiderable wit. Oh man, this is gonna be fun to watch. All we can say is, there better be game-day People Mover footage or we're gonna re-ignite the Watts riots.


Live At SBXL: Hello, Detroit! [Deadspin]

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