Baby Bugatti Due in 2008

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Bugatti's ultimate supercar has slammed into the marketplace of ka-chillionaires with the force of 1.2 million in krugerrands dropped from a 10-story window. Now, the V-dub division is readying a junior model for the lesser well heeled. As AutoExpress reports, the Alsace-based ultralux brand is preparing a baby Bugatti expected to sell for a fraction of its big brother's price. Named after a 17th century painter (the Bugatti Poussin?), the new model will be a far lesser machine than the extreme Veyron, most likely a front-engined 2+2 with some sort of VW mill (VR6, V8, W12) in the category of the Bentley Continental GT. Watch for a 2008 birthing.

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