Ayrton Senna Had A Great Sense Of Humor

It might be hard to follow the dialogue on this 1993 episode of some Japanese TV show with Ayrton Senna, but you immediately get how humble Senna is, how cool he stays, and how goofy he's willing to get.


You can watch whole episode in four sections: Part 1, Part 2 (featured above), Part 3, and Part 4. Watching him crack jokes, bet the other drivers to race in their underwear, and happily dice it up in a kart with nothing to gain shows that there was much more to the man than raw speed.

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André - Volvo4Life

18 years ago today was the saddest day of my childhood, and I am not afraid to say it.

Growing up in Brazil at the time made it even worse, the first toy my dad gave me that I remember was a model Senna F1 car, I had Senna Themed Birthday parties as a kid..the whole deal.

I didn't go to school for 2 weeks after the accident. My mom tried to send me back but the teacher called and said I was too depressed to be at school for a while, perfectly understandable, the whole country was mourning. You guys have no idead how this affected Brazil, it's so hard to put in words. I remember that sunday morning was so quiet. The streets were deserted.

Sad day to remember.

Sorry about the rant..