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Okay folks, last day of tardy Autorama coverage. I'm going to go all out and provide a show-centric post every hour, on the hour. Why? So that all you slackers suffering through a Friday in the confines of your cubicles can keep from going insane waiting till five o'clock rolls around. See if you can hang on to your seats. I've saved the best for last the leftovers for week's end.

Vespa, maker of iconic scooters, apparently fancied a run at the American automobile market at one time in its life. Unfortunately a compact two seater powered by a two-cylinder power unit wasn't really what the market was asking for in 1960. These are very nice examples nonetheless. The designers of this model later found success in the sales and marketing of Micro Machines. I'm not going to lie, I thought about putting one in my pocket and walking out without paying.


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