Isetta in Drag: The Whatta Drag

As its name attests, the Bruce Weiner Microcar Museum is the venue for all manner of microcar, from the Grataloup to the Vespa 400 and right up to the towering Isetta. In fact, funny story. There was this Hot Wheels car called the Whatta Drag. It was part Isetta, part drag bike and all the kind of Hot Wheels car that sat, unpicked, in the back of the box when cars were played. Nonetheless, the team at Bruce Weiner went about building a full-scale version of the Whatta Drag, using a 1959 Isetta 300 and a worked-over Chevy 502 big-block V8 - blown, natch — producing 730 hp. No word on trap times (we wonder if it's been dragged), but we'd imagine this could run in the threes of wheels.

BMW Isetta Whatta Drag: Hotwheels inspired, 730Hp Chevy V8 powered [Carscoop]

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