Automotive Themed Guitars and Basses, Ranked

As Jalopnik's resident guitar expert, I've decided to take it upon myself to rank every automotive themed guitar I can remember right now. This is highly scientific, so don't question my methodology.

13) Fender Bronco

12) That Weird Alfa Romeo Guitar Thing

11) Fender Coronado

10) Fender Toronado

9) Warwick Corvette

8) Ernie Ball Stingray

7) Fender Maverick

6) Gibson Thunderbird

5) Fender Mustang

4) Fender Jaguar

3) Gibson Firebird (Non-Reverse)

2) Gibson Firebird

1) Fender Competition Mustang

Any I'm forgetting?

Top Photo Credit: Fender via Vintage Guitar And Bass


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