Automotive News: Pontiac G8 Might Survive?

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Despite GM CEO Fritz Henderson saying "no chance" at a Pontiac G8 rebranded for Chevy, Buick or any other GM brand, Automotive News today reports GM's Tom Stephens claiming the G8 sedan "might survive with another GM badge." Wait, what?

Despite a denial of the possibility by GM CEO Fritz Henderson, Automotive News reports this morning Tom Stephens, GM's vice-chairman of global product development is claiming there's still the possibility the Pontiac G8 will show up in another GM brand. The things is he doesn't actually say that. But his quote in the report? It doesn't so much say that:

"I know there's still discussions on it," says Stephens. "But Chevrolet already has several sedans. How many sedans do you need to cover the waterfront?"


Hmm, that reads more to us like "I know enthusiasts are discussing this, but we're not going to be doing it." There aren't any more sources they're quoting in today's piece.

We're glad to see Automotive News has shed the shackles of reporting constructs of the "mainstream" media and now has the same — if not worse — reporting standards than us mere bloggers. [Automotive News]

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Couldn't they just drop a Corvette V8 into a Malibu and get essentially the same thing? Why would they need to salvage the rest of the car?