Illustration for article titled Autoextremist: Should GM, Chrysler, Marry?

Sweet Peet D. decides to weigh in on whether GM, the car company he knows "probably better than anyone else covering the business out there," according to himself and Chrysler, his former employer, should should just give up and get together. According to His Peetness, the road to a successful acquisition of Chrysler by the General would be fraught with difficulty, most notably by the crew led by Ron "Don't Lay a Finger on My" Gettelfinger and a whole pantsload of dealers that would require buyouts under franchise law. In the end, though, Peet thinks wading through the muck would allow The General to take a defensive posture against an onslaught from foreign automakers, and on that front, it might just be a worthwhile move.


The GM-Chrysler Deal - A Disaster of Historic Proportions? Or an opportunity that just cannot be passed up? [Autoextremist]

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