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As any Mopar-head knows, Chrysler has a history of coming up with a line of mind-blowing products, getting self-satisfied, churning out crap and then making a Hail Mary that invariably ends up saving their asses. Now that AMC is dead and gone, ChryCo, even under the auspices of their German masters, continues to play the game of spastic, innovative weirdness soiled by mediocrity. To wit? The new Sebring and Avenger. The Compass and Patriot. The Aspen. It's as if they don't know what to do with the capital they gain by introducing products like the Hemi (in all its iterations), the minivan and the '68 Charger.

They come up with a brilliant idea and then seemingly can't follow it up for a decade, duriing which their market-share tanks, the government bails them out, or Germans buy them. On the heels of Chrysler Group's anticipated $1.52 billion loss, Sweet Peet D. goes after the fruit of Walter P.'s loins, and well, as much as we hate to say it, rightfully so.


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